Our Story

North Country Goalie Development story started in 2015 when Coach Roch moved to the North Country and discovering there was a need for goalie development.  He started getting familiar with local youth hockey organization and by the end of the hockey season found himself with the North Country Youth Hockey Association as a goalie coach. He then decided to organize a preseason clinic in 2016 and it was an immediate success.

Here to stay for the long haul, Coach Roch has been successfully running his annual Goalie Preseason Clinic out of AC-North Plattsburgh for three consecutive years. Growing progressively NCGD has reached communities such as Malone, Rouses Point, Lake Placid, Tupper Lake and the in- between, in public or private sessions.

Each new hockey season creates new and exciting opportunities for NCGD. We continue to lay the groundwork to expand our vision.  Rest assure, North Country Goalie Development is here to stay and serve the needs of goaltenders in the North Country

Our Mission

Although it may be overlooked as so, the position of goaltender is dynamically the most important position on the ice. "IF THEY CAN'T SCORE, THEY CAN'T WIN." is a running mantra at NCGD. We believe that the goalie stands apart from the rest of the team. They are the last line of defense and stand in the way of what every other player wants most, "TO SCORE" 


Our mission is to share the knowledge, talent and experience of Coach Roch and his team with future generations of hockey goaltenders.  Being paired with the right coach and using appropriate age and skill specific programs, our goalie’s mental, physical, and emotional development will be our top priority.

Our Promise

North Country Goalie Development promises to deliver the very best mentoring, training and follow up to ALL of our goalies no matter age, program and length of tenure in our clinic. 

We will support our goalies with distinct development plans, evaluations, game and video analysis reports that will aide both the goalie and coach in paving the course of constructive training. 


Our promise and responsibility to our goalies starts and ends with complete satisfaction in our hard work with the goalies. We promise to work closely with the goaltenders current coach, team and family. This, we promise.