YES Synthetic Ice!


NCGD offers the possibility to train all year round, thanks to our 24x30 synthetic ice rink.  We can train up to 3 goalies at a time while the parents can sit and relax in the parent lounge. 


The benefits of training on synthetic ice:

  • Mimics real ice but takes a little more effort provides a ice like experience when it isn't possible to inquire ice time.

  • It makes you work harder to skate and that will translate into an easier experience on real ice.

  • Goalies can expect more resistance on synthetic ice compared to real ice. Pads are a wide large surface that have to move across the synthetic material. That being said goalies that work a lot on synthetic ice tend to develop very strong lateral pushes.


Are you ready for this!


Let us come to you. Our team will travel anywhere to come and give you the best goalie training we have to offer.  With our coaching staff you can be reassured that your goalies won't be disappointed. 


The benefits of training on ice:

  • Goalies require much more mobility, and they must improve their mobility in goalie specific ways.

  • Although goalies are on the ice the entire game, their conditioning demands are different from the forwards and defenceman as they don’t cover nearly as much ground per game

  • Goalies must be incredibly explosive and have this explosive ability built through both physical and mental development. Speed of decision-making and reaction time is just as important as the speed of movement.

  • The strength and mobility requirements for the hips of an elite goalie are on a different planet than their forward and defensive counterparts.

  •  Above all else, goalies need to be mentally and emotionally strong athletes. Having the tools available to you to deal with intense pressure is mandatory for optimal goalie performance.