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This year we are

Stopping the Puck


Passing the Puck

4 Autism

How can you help?
Check out our Facebook and/or Instagram Page and share our post!
Let's see how many likes and shares we can get as we Pass the Puck 4 Autism!!
If you are able....  Make a donation!
All money will be collected and presented to Autism Alliance of Northeastern NY. 
Participate as a goalie or player in the Stop the Puck 4 Autism Fundraiser. 
This year, in addition to the goalies gathering pledges for their saves,  
we are inviting all players to gather pledges for their goals! 
Become one of the Youth Hockey Organizations to hold a Stop the Puck 4 Autism Shootout.
 Due to no games being play, the goalies and players will be basing their donations
off of the saves/goals during the shootout.

 All the different forms you will need to join us as we Stop the Puck 4 Autism. 

Stop the Puck 4 Autism 2020


 Stop the Puck 4 Autism

Why we choose to do what we do.... means different things to different people. For the coaches and staff of NCGD, autism means family. Several of us have family members that are on the Autism Spectrum. It can be a lonely road to walk at times but NCGD would like to change that. We would like to show our support and help bring awareness to the road these families walk